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The NACA Awards are used to recognize and reward efforts towards achieving NACA’s goal of Clean Air.  The Awards are presented annually at the NACA Conference.

The award categories are as follows:

  • Industrial/Mining award
  • Innovator’s Award
  • Management Award
  • Golden Award

A member, branch or council member may make nominations for the awards. NACA membership of the nominee shall not be a factor in either the nomination or the award itself. Nominations are in written form and include a portfolio of the nominee's work or achievements in the field of clean air.

The NACA Council shall appoint an Awards Committee, which shall evaluate nominations. This evaluation must include a site visit and/or interview with nominee, which shall be carried out by at least two members.  Council reserves the right to make no award in a particular category if nominations are considered of insufficient quality.

The criteria below are used as guide by NACA council members for evaluating nominations for the various awards:

  • Industrial/Mining Award
    1. Nominee must have an Environmental Management System in place, including performance goals (objectives) to reduce the impact of airborne pollutants on the environment as well as a monitoring programme to quantify the impact on the environment.
    2. Continual reduction of the impact of airborne pollutants on the environment must be demonstrated.
    3. Liaison with work force and broader community on environmental and air quality matters should be demonstrated and environmental performance should be reported to the stakeholders at regular intervals.
    4. Nominee must demonstrate at least one of the following:
    4.1. World-class technology (design, engineering) and/or excellent performance of pollution control equipment either as new plant or as retrofit.
    4.2. A programme of research and/or development, which has lead to, marked improvement in the design of existing equipment.
    4.3. An effective air quality management system, which has resulted in significant reduction of the impact of airborne pollutants on the environment.
    4.4. The award will be made for the nominee’s entire industrial complex and not for one plant or section within a larger complex. An exception for this can only be made when the other plants on the site are not under the direct control of the nominee company.
  • Innovator's Award
    1. Nominee must demonstrate that the cause of clean air has been advanced by his/her/their work on:
    1.1. Research leading to improved understanding of the mechanism of air pollution in the broadest sense (chemistry, atmospheric sciences), or
    1.2. Research and/or development leading to improved methods or processes for the characterisation or reduction of air pollution.
    1.3. The development of management systems or mechanisms that will reduce atmospheric pollution on a regional or national scale.
    2. The work of nominees should preferably have been subject to review, either in the open scientific literature or by an alternative peer review mechanism. Nominated work should preferably have been published less than three years ago.
  • Management Award
    Exceptional efforts in one of the following fields:
    1. The promotion of education/training in atmospheric pollution.
    2. Service in a non-governmental organisation in an atmospheric pollution related field. Enhancement of public awareness, management of air pollution at local or regional scale, or exceptional leadership to minimise the impact on the environment must be demonstrated.
    3. Public service employees, for innovative, dedicated and/or long-term efforts in the reduction of atmospheric pollution.
    4. A consistent effort at regional or local scale in the provision of high-quality monitoring results.
  • Golden Award*
    Award for the achievement of “excellence” in any one or more of the following fields (it applies to an individual or group or organisation but is a single award) for:
    1. Specific studies / involvement / implementation / dedication / etc. carried out in the field of atmospheric conservation.
    2. For outstanding work in the field of atmospheric conservation carried out beyond the normal call of duty.
    3. Public involvement / commitment / achievement in atmospheric conservation.
    4. Involvement, locally / provincially / nationally / internationally in efforts and achievement of atmospheric conservation.

*The Golden Award differs from the other awards, which focus on improvement, and pollution control but this covers the broader issues of atmospheric conservation. (This includes more efficient use of energy resulting in reduction of waste heat emissions, reduction in Green House Gases and hence reduction in anthropogenic global warming and biomass combustion reduction etc. It also includes the interface with other environmental protection issues such as biodiversity, water and land.)

Nominations should be submitted in written format to NACA Council, through Vivienne Thomson at email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  The checklist used in the evaluation and assesment is available here (click to download).

Please acknowledge the contributions of those committed to improving air quality in South Africa, and make the effort to submit your nominations before 31 July to ensure ample time for assessment.