National Association for Clean Air

Our Purpose

The National Association for Clean Air (NACA) is a leading non-profit organisation that was founded in 1969. It was established to promote the awareness and improvement of air quality in South Africa. NACA has over 500 members, including but not limited to, corporate environmental managers, government representatives, research scientists, and industry environmental officers all of whom are elite members in their respective fields. All 500 members are working together towards a common goal, that being cleaner air for all South Africans.
The National Association for Clean Air’s aim with this project was to create a platform of easily accessible information regarding air pollution. This information has been put together with school-going pupils at both primary and secondary levels in mind. We hope that by educating the youth on these issues we can inspire them to do their small, but important part in mitigating the effects of air pollution on both the environment and other peoples health.

Primary School

High School